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"Xspot took the pressure off and set us up for future success!"

X-SpotLight on Alpen Haus Technology

Keith Fought, owner of Alpen Haus Technology, recently shared with us his experience with Xspot reusable wire location system and how he's used Xspot to improve their sales process, simplify their wiring, and demonstrate their expertise in design and engineering with their builders.

Here are his unedited responses to the following questions.

What was your initial reason for using Xspot?

"It's less pressure up front for everyone. For me knowing we can wire for anything without unsightly boxes and blank plates. Then knowing those wires can later be retrieved by anyone that works for me without extensive training on how to use a toner. 

For the builder and customer because Rough-in is still early in the process for a lot of homeowners. It's no longer a hassle if a customer is undecided about installing a certain type of technology while in the early stages of wiring. We can put an Xspot in at any potential location, the builder can cover it up, and we retrieve it later if it is decided to trim out that technology. No hold ups for the construction process waiting for final decisions to be made."  

picture: Alpen Haus Technology shows retrieved Xspot endpoints. They'll toss the endpoints into their Xspot bag and will be ready to re-use on the next job.

How was the process to mount and retrieve the Xspot Alpha endpoint?

"Easy. I have an idea where each wire is from marked plans, pictures and light can alignment. I use a laser to center the alignment and the Xspot is the final confirmation for me to take the plunge with the saw. It also works out well with speaker brackets on T&G wood ceilings. Sometimes the carpenter will adjust our speaker brackets to line up with the boards. Even if the bracket gets moved a little too much, I can still find the end of the wire in the insulation with Xspot."

picture: Alpen Haus Technology uses Xspot and lasers to precisely line up the speakers with the light fixtures,

What is your favorite feature of the re-usable Xspot wire location solution?

"The forward thinking of it. It's easy to overlook a pre-wire as a great opportunity to set yourself up for success throughout the install, servicing and potential add ons for a system. Xspot is a big help for Alpen Haus to set ourselves up for success, and set ourselves apart by demonstrating to our builders and customers that we are always thinking of the smartest way to do things for every phase of construction."

Thanks Keith, Xspot appreciates your time in sharing how Alpen Haus Technology uses Xspot to delivery the highest standard of service at every phase of your projects. Want to read more about Xspot solutions? Visit our Solutions page

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