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Xspot Xplodes at CEDIA with 20 new products - made some pretty happy Techs!

The annual CEDIA Expo is a hotbed for innovations and technological advancements in the world of home automation and integration. This year, Xspot took the event head-on with the launch of 20 new products that promise to revolutionize the way professionals in the field handle wiring and Trim. From endpoint wire devices to mounting options and tools, Xspot's showcase at CEDIA 2023 was well received with one Technician commenting “the rest of the tradeshow is for salespeople, this is what helps me get the job done!”. In this article, we'll dive deep into some of the standout products that left Integrators buzzing with excitement.

The Problem of Dangling Wires: One of the persistent challenges faced by home automation professionals is dealing with unsightly and potentially hazardous dangling wires. Xspot addresses this issue directly with an innovative solution for motorized blinds, which garnered significant attention at CEDIA.

Introducing "The Groove": Xspot's motorized blinds solution starts with a game-changing wire endpoint called "The Groove." This compact device is designed for easy installation, as it compression fits into a 1-inch wide by 2-inch tall hole drilled into the header. Wires are securely attached to the Groove, which is then pushed flush with the surface of the header, and can be safely covered with sheet rock, burying and protecting the wire. This ensures a clean and professional look and eliminates the risk of dangling wires. The Groove is easily found with Xspot's new locator tool designed for small spaces, the Quantum.

Say Hello to the Slackbox Bubble: The Slackbox Bubble is another ingenious addition to Xspot's lineup. It serves as a protective housing for wires, mounted securely over them and screwed into the header. This protective bubble can hold up to 8 inches of slack wires, shielding them from the complications caused by spray foam insulation. In addition to the Bubble, Xspot Slackboxes come in various sizes, including 6, 10, and 12-inch squares, catering to all your slack wire needs.

Professional Wiring Solutions for Every Category: Xspot's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for home automation professionals is evident in their extensive product range. Using Xspot eliminates looking for buried wires, unnecessary wire relocation, or explaining damage caused while searching for lost wires, Xspot has you covered. The professional Integrator can now rely on Xspot for every phase of construction.

Beyond the Box: Being a professional Integrator entails meeting higher expectations from clients, builders, architects, and interior designers. Xspot goes above and beyond by offering a support materials and insights into the sales and construction processes. Starting with Sales, Xspot provides budget options, the ability to decide on equipment later or bury conduit for future locations. Free Visio and CAD shapes can be downloaded to aid in design, and Endpoint labels to communicate equipment location for approval prior to pulling wire.

Enhancing the Aesthetic: In the finishing stages of construction, Xspot offers a variety of grommets to cover unsightly holes left behind by shades, soundbars, and light ropes. Meticulous attention to detail and finishing touches are what set professionals apart, and Xspot empowers Integrators to achieve this level of excellence.

Precision, efficiency, and aesthetics matter more than ever. Xspot has emerged as the standard for wiring technology with a full suite of products for all technologies both residential and commercial. With groundbreaking products and a holistic approach to wiring solutions, Xspot is poised to transform the way professionals in the field operate. Whether you're looking to precisely place wires, save labor time at Trim, or simply wire like the professional you already are, Xspot is the answer. It's time to embrace the future of home automation integration with Xspot.

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