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Groove v2_4-x-4.png

Install the Groove endpoint

1. Drill a 3/8" hole at the wire location at the top or side of the header/framing

2. Drill a 1" wide by 2" deep hole for the Groove inside the frame

3. Trim the wire to length, allowing for 8 inches of slack wire

4. Run the wire down through the 3/8" hole

5. Attach the wire to the Groove by pulling wire through the top cap loop and secure the wire together

6. Push the Groove up into the hole, to be buried until Trim

Groove - install the Groove_step 1.jpg

Mount the Slackbox Bubble

1. Remove one of the four "break away openings to feed the wire into the Slackbox Bubble.  The fit should be tight to keep out spray form.

2. Secure the Bubble with two screws to the top or side of your header, placing the slack end directly over the wire hole.

3. Push up to 8" of slack wire into the Bubble.

Groove- mount the Bubble - step2 copy.jpg

Locate the buried Groove & wire

1. Scan the finished surface with the blue side of the Quantum Xcentric tool.

2. Flip the Quantum over, the red side will snap to the Groove.

3. Make a mark at each notch around the sides of the Quantum.


4. Remove the Quantum and drill a 1 inch hole in the center of the marks.

Groove- locate with Quantum tool - step3.jpg

Trim wire hole with Xgrommet

1. Pull the wire through the Xgrommet and trim out the shade motor.

2. The Xgrommet outer flange may be removed for a flush installation.

3. Feed the excess wire back up into the Slackbox Bubble and cover the Xgrommet with the shades bracket.

Groove- Trim with Xgrommet - step4.jpg
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