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Alpha_4 x 4.png

Install the Alpha endpoint

1. Run wire to future device locations such as cameras, 

speakers, exterior temp sensors, light sensors or similar.

2. Select your XBracket

Smooth bracket: siding and Hardie board

Edge bracket: stucco and plaster

Smooth bracket
mounts Alpha endpoint into
siding or Hardie board
Edge bracket
mounts Alpha endpoint into
stucco or plaster

Mount the



1. After selecting an optimum location, drill a 1" (25.4 mm) round hole. The Xbracket and Alpha should always mount in the second to last major surface just behind siding or stucco (tyvek like coverings don’t count, foam board does)


2, Pull wire through the hole


3. Feed wire through back of Xbracket


4. Attach wire to Xspot Alpha and snap into the XBracket


5. Insert Xbracket and Alpha into 1" hole, leaving enough slack back inside the wall to pull out later and trim out component


6. Wire is now safely inside the wall out of the way of other trades

Camera XBrackets.png
Smooth bracket (mounted)
Edge bracket (mounted)
Camera XBrackets.png

Locate the buried Alpha & wire

1. Scan the finished surface with the blue side of the Xtreme locator tool.  *works through up one inch of wood or stucco

2. Flip the Extreme over, the red side will snap to the Alpha.

3. Make a mark at each of the inside corners of the Xcentric centering tool.  *pulls to within 1/4 inch of the Alpha's location


4. Drill a 1 inch hole in the center of the marks.

Xtreme tool.png
Xcentric_blue face straight forward copy.png
Xtreme locator tool
(deep sensing tool up to 1 inch wood or stucco)

Xcentric centering tool
(centers on buried magnet to within 1/4 inch)


Trim wire hole with XGrommet

1. Pull the wire through the XGrommet and trim out the camera.

2. The Xgrommet outer flange may be removed for a flush installation.

Xspot XGrommet
(minimizes weather, debris and bugs from getting in)

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