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Xspot Solves Top 3 Problems with Motorized Shades Installs

Motorized shades adoption is skyrocketing and with this come the associated installation challenges. Our mission at Xspot is to solve your wiring problems with a focus on labor efficiency, simplifying the installation process and providing precise placement with a professional fit and finish.  

We asked Xspot dealers to share their top 3 installation issues and here's the new tools we engineered to make for a more professional install.   

Issue No. 1 - Dangling Wires 

Who knew one little wire dangling in the window would cause so much concern?  Well, we did. Those dangling wires are frequently damaged by paint and sheetrock, and frankly, they don't look good. Every time someone looks at that, they think "where are my blinds" or "that looks terrible" and then they call you to share their frustrations. 

Xspot Solution: The Groove Endpoint 

The Xspot Groove neatly tucks your wires inside the window header behind the sheetrock, where they are protected and invisible. The Groove, like all Xspot endpoints, is reusable. 


Issue No. 2 - Spray Foam 

Spray foam insulation traps your wire and often results in damage when trying to extract the wire later. This may leave you without enough wire to terminate – that’s a real problem! 

Xspot Solution: the Slackbox Bubble 

The Slackbox Bubble protects and manages up to eight inches of slack wire. The Bubble mounts to the top or side of the stud with cut-outs that allow your slack wire to enter and exit from small holes along the bottom. We’ve had a lot of great response to the Bubble and will soon be offering additional larger Slackboxes for the rest of your wires in the wall. 


Issue No. 3 - Lost Wires 

Another major problem is caused when hurried sheet-rockers pull your wires out in the wrong location, or bury them all together. When these mistakes happen, the builder holds you accountable. Why? Because it’s your wire! Take back control of your project, don't count on other trades. 

Let those rushed Sheet-rockers bury your wires. When you return to the job site you’ll use the Quantum tool to quickly find the buried Groove and attached wire. Once located, drill, then easily pull out the Groove & wire without concern of being stopped by the Spray foam. Trim the opening with an Xgrommet for a professional fit and finish.  


The Shades Xpack 

Xspot Xpacks are the best way to start purchasing Xspot products created both for universal and specific use cases. The Shades Xpack includes everything you need to make your motorized blinds installations go smoothly and your Customers, and Techs happy. 

The Shades Xpack includes 20 Grooves, 20 Bubbles, 20 Xgrommets and a Quantum locator tool. 

Purchase the Shades Xpack along with everything Xspot at

Sign up on our website as an Xspot Dealer for access to dealer cost and all the rest of the Xspot re-usable wire location system. 


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