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Xspot Instructions
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Xspot Alpha Instructions - universal solution

Xspot logo_vertical-white.png

design phase

Define prewire locations on your floor plans using the Xspot Visio or CAD prewire shapes.

free downloads:

Xspot Visio_AutoCAD prewire shape

Josh.ai_Xspot Visio_AutoCAD prewire shape

Xspot endpoint_Basement lighting layout w joists copy.jpg
Xspot logo_vertical-white.png

layout phase

Establish your endpoints using the Xspot and the universal mounting Xstrap or the single gang Xbox.  Once in place use the Xspot endpoint labels to designate the type of device such as speakers or LED lighting.  This will provide a visual marker for the client, Builder, Architect, Designer and other trades to review and approve your endpoint locations BEFORE you pull the wire.

free downloads:

Xspot Endpoint label_Avery #5136

New inside screw holes minimize the wall bump
Xspot logo_vertical-white.png

rough-in phase

Loop your wires through the holes of the Xspot.  Conduit can pulled to the area. Your endpoints are now ready to be covered.
Place “Cover My Xspot” labels over Xspot device to notify Sheet-rockers to bury the Xspot device and wire or conduit.

free downloads:

Xspot "Cover my Xspot" pre-construction label

Xspot "Wired with Xspot" post-construction label

Xspot logo_vertical-white.png

trim phase

Locate: slide the Xtreme locator over the wall using reverse polarity to find the Xspot. 
Red side attracts  Blue side repels

Mark-Up: Place the Xcentric locator over the buried Xspot and mark in each of the four holes.  Draw an "X" by connecting the four dots to mark your drill point.

Remove:  drill into your "X" using a 1 inch or larger drill hole saw bit.  Pull the Xspot and attached wire straight out with your needle nose pliers.  (avoid twisting when removing)
Trim wire and re-use and re-sell your Xspot.


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