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The Xspot System has products for any low voltage use case. Use an Xspot Wire Endpoint with an Xspot Mount to bury wires behind sheetrock, sheer walls, tongue and groove ceilings, siding, stucco, conduit locations, and more. Xspot works with both wood and steel construction, providing options for any use case in both Residential and Commercial construction. Examples, along with recommended Xspot products, are shown below.

With the burgeoning popularity of motorized blinds, technicians are encountering fresh challenges. Each manufacturer presents distinct installation requirements. Xspot levels the playing field with its innovative New Groove wire endpoint, designed specifically for motorized blinds applications. This Groove firmly secures the wire behind the drywall or wood finish, allowing the installer to effortlessly retrieve an unpainted and unscathed wire during the Trim phase using the new Quantum locator tool.

When running wire, a 1-inch wide by 2-inch deep opening accommodates the Groove's within the header or wood framing while the wire remains securely attached. At Trim, the wire is located with the Quantum locator tool, then extracted and the Groove is removed for future reuse. A grommet can be smoothly slid over the wire before termination, concealing the wire opening behind the bracket and enhancing the aesthetics of the blind motor installation.

The Slackbox Bubble, positioned directly above or alongside the Groove, plays a pivotal role. This 4-inch high enclosure safeguards the wire from paint and spray foam until accessed. When ready, the technician can extract 8 inches of slack wire, complete the terminations, and then easily feed back any extra slack. The Bubble establishes a protected environment for the slack wire.

The Xspot approach to wiring and installing motorized blinds will significantly streamline and standardize installations. Regardless of the type of blind or drapery being installed, Xspot offers an array of tools to simplify the job, resulting in a more refined and efficient outcome.

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Transform your LED lighting installations with Xspot. Xspot's wire location system allows for precise wire placement, facilitating hidden wiring that is easily accessed when needed. Wires remain hidden until Trim, ensuring a clean look. The Xspot endpoint is easily located with a remarkable accuracy to 1/4 inch. Xspot wire endpoints are reusable, offering a harmonious mix of convenience, precision, and sustainability. Choose Xspot and redefine the way you manage your LED lighting installations. Experience the future of lighting today.

LED lighting fixtures present an interesting paradox - their compact size and sleek design can make installation more complicated. However, Xspot's Alpha endpoint, mounted to the Xstrap, simplifies this by enabling precise wire placement.

LED Lighting Keypads & Touchscreens overcome typical issues like protruding retro-boxes or uneven installation by a sheetrocker becomes effortless with the Xring. Installed flush against the sheetrock's backside, the Xring uses inside corner holes to secure itself, reducing stud bumps from screws.

LED Strip Lighting can enhance a home's aesthetic, but unsightly wire holes can detract from this. Our specially designed grommet, the Dropout, holds the wire at the back while a front-facing facia piece conceals the opening, maintaining a neat appearance.

LED lighting prewires are a great option starting with Xspot's free Visio/CAD prewire shape that help determine the precise placement. Pair this with the Xspot Alpha endpoint and Xstrap, and you're just minutes away from a flawless installation.

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Cameras are ubiquitous in modern construction projects, whether new or retrofit. In response, Xspot has developed innovative mounting solutions tailored to the compact dimensions of today's cameras.

The Smooth bracket, meticulously crafted for seamless integration into exterior sheeting, can be discreetly concealed beneath siding or paneling. An Xspot Alpha wire endpoint is mounted to the Smooth, securely holding and protecting the camera wire.

The Edge bracket offers a comparable solution for stucco, plaster, and similar finishes. The Edge protrudes slightly, approximately 1/4 inch, from the bracket's surface. As with the Smooth, an Xspot Alpha wire endpoint is mounted to the Edge security holding and protecting the wire. This protrusion simplifies the retrieval of the Xspot while allowing the wire to remain safeguarded within the wall, shielded from potential hazards such as paint, adverse weather conditions, interference from other trades, and even competition.

At Xspot, we take pride in ensuring a pristine and refined installation. Additional new products include the Xgrommet and Trimport, used to secure the 1-inch opening, allowing the Alpha to be removed and re-used, and preventing wires from inadvertently slipping back into the wall. This comprehensive approach guarantees the safety of your wiring and enhances the overall aesthetics of your installation, setting a higher standard for quality and professionalism.

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While Xspot products are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, we have introduced several new products with commercial scenarios in mind. Expanding the utility of the new Groove wire enpoint, we introduce Xcovers, designed to hold the Groove and attach to standard steel box types including 4Square / Double Gang, Single Gang, and Octagonal. Xcovers with the Groove transforms the boxes into concealed wire endpoints within concrete structures.

Once the Xcover, with Groove, and wire, are affixed to a steel box, they can be seamlessly integrated into the surrounding plaster or concrete after the removal of forms, revealing the concealed boxes and covers. The Xcover is easily located with Xspot Locator tools, allowing a technician to either fully expose the box cover or simply drill a hole in its center, facilitating the extraction of the wire and Groove. This novel approach allows for the repeated use of the Groove, offering a flexible and efficient solution for wiring in concrete structures.

Featured Products

The Xspot Wiring System has innovative solutions for any and all technology. The re-usable wiring location system includes wiring endpoints, mounts & brackets, trim solutions, and locator tools - all designed to work together to empower technicians to quickly, efficiently, and professionally install modern technology into any project.

Example solutions include:

Replace proprietary In-wall and in-ceiling speaker brackets with a universal Xspot solution using the Xspot Alpha endpoint and the Xstrap. This solution also works well for Invisible Speakers, Soundbars, Televisions, Projectors, and Outdoor spaces.

Place your wire at your ideal location using the Xspot Alpha mounted to the Xstrap or Xring for Keypads, Microphones, Cameras and other devices such as used with Josh.AI, Crestron, and Control4.

Temperature Sensors, Thermostats, Touch Screens can all be buried behind the wall at the perfect location.

Now more than ever, customers want a doorbell with camera and security mounted right into the solid wood framing. This is a great use for the new Groove which buries your wire directly into solid wood.

Wireless Access Points (WAP's), Routers & Data Ports are wired using the Xspot Alpha endpoint and Xstrap. Use the new Smooth Fin when installing directly into sheetrock.

Alarm Panels, Cameras, Motion Detectors, Sensors, Keypads

Install conduit and pull the wire later using an Xspot Alpha endpoint and Xstrap to mark your location.


Xspot, how technology is found.

Featured Products
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