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I had the pleasure of visiting Orion Integrated Systems at their impressive design center The Lighting Lofts demonstrating for Orion reps some of the many ways their dealers can use Xspot Products in their projects.

Orion's Todd Hastings invited me to join him as he met with clients to discuss a Lutron lighting system for their luxury custom home. Todd discussed what's involved in a robust lighting system, explaining circadian rhythm and the value of having lights set to the right Kelvin color temperature. The homeowners appeared to be keeping up - it's a lot to absorb.

Next came the inevitable questions, "How much will this cost?" and "Will we be able to use it?" As Todd began breaking down the components. I could sense the homeowners starting to question whether they really needed all this "fancy stuff". They could afford it but they weren't sure if they could use it. Todd was ready. With barely a pause, he began talking to giving a series of commands that cast a sunset hue over the room, lowering the shades and turning on the flat panel TV. The homeowner's eyes lit up, and so did mine! Their concern disappeared, replaced with delight and amazement.

The Client's eyes lit up and so did mine!

Now it's my turn. Todd invited me to discuss Xspot. I don't often discuss Xspot directly with homeowners and this was a nice change of pace. When discussing Xspot with contractors & builders I emphasize how they can bury the wire in their exact location and find it within a 1/4 inch. Homeowners more easily relate to aesthetics and cost savings. Xspot ensures that the project will be wired and trimmed perfectly and efficiently - no unsightly wires hanging out of the walls/ceilings and no blank face plates. Xspot gives the homeowner and builder time to review and adjust as the project and budget progress. Everyone is happy. Todd's homeowners can see a logical road map for selecting the technology they wanted right away and a path for future expansion. Their firsthand experience using to control the sophisticated technology simply by talking was powerful. The lighting budget doubled after they felt confident, they could control it – a win, win!

Thank you Todd Hastings and Orion Integrated Systems for allowing me to be part of this projects journey! The Lighting Lofts, built by Orion Integrated, displays an advanced selection of technology in a home setting including Lutron, Media Decor, Luminii, Leon – all controlled by This gives their dealers a meeting space where clients can experience firsthand how technology can enhance their lifestyle.

Xspot’s re-usable wire location system has partnered with and now offers the Xpack that can be purchased directly from or Xspot Products.See install video.

Use Xspot to precisely place and efficiently trim your wires to within ¼ inch for all your technology including shades, lighting, security, thermostats, networks and more.

Xspot, How technology is found.


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