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Xspot Dealer Direct Program
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Xspot Direct Dealers can take advantage of;

  • wholesale pricing

  • ordering portal

  • volume discounts

  • free shipping (2-3 days delivery in US)

  • free design tools

  • free engineering support

  • demo wall (desktop and portable)

Xspot, how technology is found.

Xspot Prewire shapes Visio/CAD

 - Design phase

Add an Xspot prewire shape to your AutoCad, Visio or other design software like STX Solution CAD drawings that gives you the ability to define the location.

Request the Xspot Visio or AutoCad shapes or login to the dealer portal

Visio & CAD Prewire shapes


Xspot Endpoint labels

 - Layout phase

Help your client, the builder or architect know what they're looking at, label your endpoints so they know where the speakers are going, high high up the wall the Touchscreen is positioned and that wire in the hall is a security device, not a computer jack.

Download the zip file and use our labels or the blank template to create your own.  The PDF example here shows multiple endpoint labels on one sheet or create one sheet for each endpoint type.

Save time, save money, while getting everyone onboard with every location before you ever pull a wire.

label specifications: 1 in x 2.75 in, 30 up per sheet, Avery label #5136

Xspot Endpoint label_graphic.JPG
Endpoint Avery label download

Xspot Construction labels
 - Rough-in phase

Let your Sheet-rockers and other trades know to board over the Xspot and attached wire with our "Cover my Xspot" pre-construction Avery label template.

Download pre-construction Avery label

label specifications: 2 in x 4 in, 10 up per sheet, Avery label #5163

 - Trim phase

Maximize your post construction sale with our "Your project has been wired with Xspot" labels which provides you with a place for your contact information.


Inform or remind clients that this project is wired with Xspot and provides a space for your contact information.  Print then place labels on Structured wiring panels, Security Enclosures and wiring head-end locations.  Don't leave a roadmap for the competition, leave your contact information letting the client know you provide a higher level level of performance and design.

Download post-construction Avery label

label specifications: 2 in x 4 in, 10 up per sheet, Avery label #5163


Xspot Cover my Xspot label_graphic.JPG

Pre-Construction label
"Cover my Xspot" download

Xspot Wired with Xspot label_graphic.JPG

Post-Construction label
"Wired with Xspot"


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