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What makes Audio Images the most awarded AV installation company?

Audio Images is a full-service engineering, sales, installation, service and lifetime support company for audio, video, home or office integration and lifestyle enhancement for the California area. Whether you're looking to upgrade your Laguna Beach, CA smart home automation system to integrating a new dedicated home theater for your Newport Beach, CA entertainment system - we offer services with you in mind. We are technology  "Solutioneers" who create amazing environments for any home or office - any room, any size - regardless of complexity.


We're about making it easier for our clientele. Our synergistic approach seamlessly integrates and controls contractors, interior designers, acousticians, lighting specialists - and more - to provide a quality-controlled, end-to-end process. You can be in Corona Del Mar, CA looking for acoustic treatment to incorporating new equipment in your Dana Point, CA dedicated home theater. With so many people involved in creating a truly integrated home, you need an expert who can coordinate all of the various details, and leave you to the enjoyment of your new experience.

Based in Orange County, California, we also regularly integrate hom
es and businesses in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego counties, and limited out of state projects. We are in demand worldwide for project consultation. 

"Audio Images Sets Record for Most Awards with Global “Best Home Cinema” Recognition January 1, 2021"

Southern California’s Home Theater SolutioneersTM win globally for Best Home Cinema. They now have the most CEDIA media room and theater awards in history.

Theater front.jpg

As one of the most awarded companies in the industry, they see all jobs, large and same the same.  Treating everything they do as though it is going to be submitted for an award.  Audio Images keeps the bar high and attracts clients who want the very best.  The owner, Mark Ontiveros is well known in the CEDIA channel and freely shares his experience, time and talents to help grow the industry.  He does keep a few trades secrets for his clients that make his team stand out in the market.

Right front theater image.jpg
Right rear theater 2 image.jpg
Xspot Resi Dealer of the Year_Audio Images-banner-white.png

Why Audio Images was chosen

Xspot Products selected Audio Images as our Residential Dealer of the Year Given their full understanding of where, when and how to apply Xspot Products in their projects.  Sharing decades of experience and leveraging a highly skilled and well-trained staff, they apply "SolutioneeringTM" into every design. 

Highlights from our Conversation with
Mark Ontiveros, founder of Audio Images

Mark started out doing audiophile car stereos 25 years ago, before anyone had even heard of luxury car audio.  This laid the groundwork for his company.

One of the main takeaways from our conversation was his acknowledgment they can save 30 minutes per speaker at trim, depending on how many speakers are being trimmed out, that is a substantial time/money savings.

Mark builds a consultative process with their clients instead of a sales process, allowing them to focus on the best solution for each application.  These guys truly work for the client, to ensure the best possible outcome.

Mark O. also let us interview one of his
Senior field Engineers/Prewire Manager, James Anslow 

From the very first question, the responses qualify as pure "Gold" and meme worthy.


When we asked where they use Xspot, the list was long.       

We tend to use Xspot to mark prewire locations for things such as speakers, displays, lighting keypads, shades, security cameras, touchscreens, etc.  

Why do you use Xspot in those systems?

We like to use Xspot for prewire locations where we're running wire "for future" or "just in case", and even on the rare occasion where the framing is such that we can't install a preconstruction bracket, but we can fit the finished piece of equipment (speaker, keypad, etc.).  The Xspot system allows us to place the magnet exactly where we want to cut to open up the drywall.  The combination of prewire pictures and Xspot has significantly improved the retrofit (trim) experience for us.  


What is your training process for Xspot?    

Our method is simple:  See one. Do one. Teach one.  The Xspot process is very simple, so it's not a hard process to master. 

What’s your favorite application for Xspot, the one place you think it makes the biggest difference?

Speaker prewires.  There's far less guesswork with Xspot.  You find the magnet, compare the prewire picture, and that confirms most of what you need.

What’s the biggest advantage to your company in using Xspot? 

The time saved during retro (trim) is valuable.

Behind the scenes

Bed 3 TV prewire IMG_0050.JPG

Bedroom TV Prewire

Stairwell blinds prewire IMG_0041.JPG

Stairway Blinds Prewire

Down to studs theater.jpg

Down to the Studs

Projector header.jpg

Projector Frameout

Dining Room  Speakers.JPG

Xspot holding position for the Dining room speakers

Waiting for Xspot

Rough-in waiting on Xspot.jpg

Waiting for Xspot

Abstract Linear Background
Xspot Resi Dealer of the Year_Audio Images-banner-white.png
Xspot Resi Dealer of the Year_Audio Images-banner-white.png

This Year's Xspot Commercial and Residential Dealers of the year are both Crestron Platinum Elite Dealers, the best Crestron has to offer, it shows in their Designs and Work.

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