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Walls were closing in when they got the call

With only a week before the walls were to be closed up on a Church project, Kenneth Cheek, owner of All Wired Up, got a call from the Builder asking what could be done. There was no time for final product selection so a prewire was the best option.

Problem with standard prewires range from higher labor at Trim, finding wires with a toner, additional expense in repairs, and competitors who try to underbid your equipment sale. That's when Kenneth remembered Xspot. Xspots lets you bury your wires behind the wall or ceiling surface which you can later locate in minutes accurate to 1/4 inch, re-use and re-sell. Xspots also eliminates blank face plates that diminish the aesthetics and leave a road-map for your competitors.

Now Kenneth would need to sell Xspot to the Builder. He pitched the idea to the Builder who said that he liked the flexibility of deciding on the product at a later date. Xspots securely mounts wire out of the way of other trades, minimizing lost and/or damaged wires.

We've found that Builders love the Xspot solution seeing it as a way to skip blank face plates and avoid the repair from sheetrock damage caused when finding your wire with a toner.

In a follow up with our Dealer, they reported that all Xspots came out exactly as expected.

Thank you Kenneth Cheek and the team at All Wired Up for sharing your Xspot story with our readers.

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