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Triad Installation Challenge - Alpine Vista

Installing high performance speakers into a wall or ceiling is an acoustical challenge to say the least but for Mike Orlowski, owner of Alpine Vista Home Cinema, he had an additional problem of a Tongue and Groove ceiling plus ... Triad's DS4 instructions telling him that they don't do TNG.

Orlowski takes acoustics very seriously as noted by his certifications with the Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA), Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), THX Technician Certification and CEDIA. The Triad DS4 comes with its own wall mount kit which clearly states that it does not work with Tongue and Groove ceilings. Orlowski was not going to take no for an answer and put his engineering background to work coming up with an alternative solution using the Xspot Re-Usable Wire Location System.

Orlowski further explains that they’ve now started using Xspot regardless of the construction type because it helps his Technicians avoid sheering off the screw holes by accident when cutting out for the speaker at Trim.

Alpine Vista Home Cinema celebrates their 13th year with the opening of a power house design center that in addition to their own professional installation and engineering services will host a high-end custom builder, and a highly successful local residential architect. The new design center is also a Control4 certified showroom.

Thank you Mike Orlowski for sharing your expertise and creative use of Xspot Products.

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