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Xspot Products

Xspot uses extra-strength magnets in both the Xspot device and the XLocators tools to bury and locate wires.  Xspots devices hold your wire which snap into the Xstrap or XBox to securely hold your wires to their exact location.  The XLocator tools then use reverse polarity to confirm the location and magnetic fields to give you the location accurate to ¼ inch every time. Xspot is easy to use and requires no special skills or experience.  Best of all Xspot is re-usable!

Xspot wire device

Xspot wire location system allows you to set a perfect future location making sure it is right where you left it and ready to be trimmed out for any of a number of devices.  From home automation to security or AV Xspot is the universal tool for any prewire.

Applications: In-wall microphones/speakers, Cameras, Keypads, Touchscreens, in-ceiling speakers, wireless access points. Communication jacks, Projectors, Flat panel TVs, Volume Control, Conduit, Flex tube

Xstrap mounting option

Mount your Xspot securely behind the wall with the universal Xstrap mounting option.  Xstrap comes in a roll of 18 meters (60 feet) and can span across joists and beams or be tucked into a corner. 

Applications: Speakers, Security contacts & sensors, LED lighting, Thermostats, Motorized Blinds

Xbox mounting option

The Xbox is a buriable single gang box that can used for large gauge wire or structured wire bundles.  Use with conduit or flex tube and pull your wires later.

Applications: Cameras, Keypads, Touchscreens, Communication jacks, Projectors, Flat panel TVs, Volume Control, Conduit, Flex tube

Xspot Locator tools

Quickly locate your burried Xspot with the XLocator Tool set.  Begin first with the Xtreme Locator that finds your Xspot moving over the wall with it's 40lb pull magnet.  Then use the Xcentric to center into the Xspot's location within 1/4 inch.  Making a mark in each of the four holes provides you with a drill point.  Use the Xbooty bag to prevent damage to the finished wall or ceiling.

Xspot ProPack

The Xspot ProPack is a great way to get started and includes everything need for an average  home.  Includes (20) re-usable Xspots, (1) 60 foot roll of Xstrap, (4) single gang Xboxes, and a pair of Xspot Locator tools with (10) cloth Xbooty bags.

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