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Xspot design and installation tools for Josh dealers

Josh nano install using xspot

Josh Dealers use Xspot to Layout the job, mounting the Xspot to it's mounting strap or single gang box before wire is pulled

Electricians call this phase Boxout and now with demand for Low Voltage wiring on the rise for everything from the Internet to LED lighting, contractors need to enter into the construction process earlier during Boxout/Layout phase.  The Layout phase gives the Home Owner, Builder, Architect and other trades the ability to review and approve the location which helps minimize changes and labor costs after the sheetrock is up.

Xspot stay secure right where you left them which is ideal for Josh Dealers who find their buried wire in minutes within 1/4 inch!  When it comes to a professional finish, being precise is what separates you from the rest of the pack.  Finding your wire in minutes saves you 15 to 30 minutes per location, that's substantial.

Additionally Xspot helps you with the sale of Josh as well as other technology decisions from indecision by the Owner or Builder, to constraints in the budget to supply chain issues (sorry to bring that up). 

But what builders and Architects like the most about Xspot is the elimination of blank faceplates all over their beautiful new home.  This will also become one of your favorite benefits too as Xspot eliminates the road map blank faceplates use to leave for your competition. 
Start your Josh install off right by mounting the Xspot onto the Xstrap or Xbox at your ideal "endpoint" location.  The Xspot Tech Pack starts you off with (10) re-usable Xspots, (30ft) of mounting strap and a pair of powerful locating tools. 
Josh Dealers can buy Xspot through Josh, same way that you're currently buying or Josh dealers can buy direct from Xspot Products.  See options below.

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xspot design & install tools

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