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xspot SOLUTionS

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the xspot SYSTEM 

The re-usable Xspot wire endpoints is at the core of the Xspot wire location system and is used to bury wires behind sheetrock, sheer walls, tongue and groove ceilings, stucco, as well as for future locations with conduit.  Works with both wood and steel construction.


In-ceiling Speakers

In-wall Speakers Invisible Speakers

Surround Speakers




LED Fixtures

Strip Lighting

Track Lighting

Surface Mount

Flat Panels


Outdoor Mounts


Window mount

Wall mount


Temp Sensors



Wireless Access Points (WAP)

Data Jacks





mounting options 

Xstrap_white short stack.png
XSCW-1_single screw.png

Xscrews now available


universal mounting option

Most common and easiest solution.  Span any distance between studs or joists to position the wire in the perfect spot for later, knowing it will be right where you left it.

Roll out as much as needed to place the Xspot right where you want to come back to and install your technology. 

Holes in strap center over magnet in Xspot holes are .5” apart, acts like tape measure  



single gang mud ring

The best fitting box in the project, always flat to the back of the wall, no gaps behind the wallplate. 

Perfect for future TVs, wireless access points, projectors or anything that needs a box and/or wallplate to trim.

Having a box in place makes for a better and easier trim.

locator tools

Xtreme tool.png


deep sensing tool

Quickly passing over the Xtreme locator over the general area of the Xspot, use the Xtreme locator with it's 68 lbs of pull to find the Xspot hidden in the wall.  Then flip it to the opposite side and let reverse polarity confirm you've found your Xspot.

Xcentric_blue face straight forward copy.png


centering tool

Once you've found the general area using the Xtreme, let the Xcentric pop to the center of the Xspot and mark it's location by drawing a mark into each of the inside four corners.  Make an "X" with your four marks and drill confidently into the surface exposing the Xspot.  Pull the Xspot straight out and re-use.

new productS ship in september

Motorized shades.jpg

This is the new  sister product to the Xspot for working in solid wood like headers, window or door framing. 
Does not require a separate mounting solution, can be used over and over it.


Taking trim to a new level, use the XGrommet under a motorized shade bracket, outside behind a camera bracket or behind that ring doorbell to help seal the opening.


Security Camera

XBRACKET (two types) 

Two units designed to work with the existing an Xspot to place exterior cameras or Ring like doorbells into wood sheeting or hard insulation foam board framing. 


XBRACKET EDGEThe XBracket Edge unit is mounted to extend out .25" to make it easier to   find and pull out through stucco,  plaster or other finishes.

XBRACKET SMOOTH   The XBracket Smooth is designed for solid coverings like wood siding or composites, mounts flush to the surface it is installed in.

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