Speakers are the most popular use of Xspot, making it easy to designate the specific location of your speaker and without being confined to a specific brand/model or proprietary bracket.  Use the Xspot then cut the Xstrap to fit within your exact location.  Then locate accurate to 1/4 inch, remove the and re-use the Xspot.

Security Contacts & Sensors

Xspots take the hassle out of prewiring for Security contact sensors with the Xspot that can be retrieved through a one inch hole.  Use the Xstrap to mount in corners or any space between joists.  After it's done its job, take the wire off and re-use the Xspot.


Prewire for every camera location they'll need using the Xspot along with Xbox single gang mount.  Some choose to go with conduit and pull the wire later.  Then have the location covered knowing that you'll be able to locate within 1/4 inch through an inch of wood.

Keypad & Volume Control

Customer hasn't decided what if they want a keypad or volume control?  Give them options using an Xspot and Xbox and let them choose when they're ready.  In the meantime your prewire location will be invisible to your client and would be competitor.


Bury a conduit location then pull your wire later using the Xspot with an Xbox.  Sheet-rockers will cover your Xspot location which you can find any time in minutes accurate to 1/4 inch.  Be sure to put your Xspot back into your tool bag so it's ready to be used again!


Lighting is another popular use of Xspot particularly for Low Voltage and LED lighting that needs to come out through a small hole.  Using a combination of the Xspot and Xstrap, you can secure your wire in any size opening and retrieve your Xspot through a one inch hole, accurate to 1/4 inch and re-use it.


Use the Xspot along with the Xstrap to mount your thermostat wire to the exact location you want to be trimmed out.  No longer do you have to bundle your wires and hope you can find them, Xspot will be waiting to trim out in minutes needed and ready to be re-used on the next job.


Control the quality of the trim and avoid damage that can come at final using the Xspot and Xstrap to prewire your Touchscreen locations.  Your hole will be cut perfectly and right where you want using Xspot.  Eliminate the the end-of-job surprises using the Xspot re-usable wire location system.

Communication Jacks

Quickly mount the Xbox to your exact location using the holes to center on the electrical box then loop your wires through the re-usable Xspot and/or pull your structured wire bundle into the conduit hole.  Everyone of your communications jacks will now be cut out without any problems and at trim, saving you a roll of the truck.


Prewiring for their dream theater?  Use the Xspot and Xbox along with conduit and pull the expensive HDMI wire later when they're ready.  Also great for keeping the speaker locations perfectly centered and the IR receiver right where you need it.

Flat Panel TV

Sometimes it's hard to make a decision on what wall the flat panel needs to be mounted until after they've moved in.  Use the Xspot and Xbox to bury a conduit location and pull the expensive HTMI wires later when they've decided.  Remember to bury a conduit for power.

Motorized Blinds

Keep the controls of the beautiful motorized blinds aesthetically pleasing with the Xspot and the Xstrap cut and mounted to your ideal location.  Keep in mind that the Xspot can be re-used on new jobs so get enough now to make your job easy and professional.

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