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Rise in Low Voltage demands
New Phase in Construction

As low voltage becomes a progressively larger portion of most projects, contractors are revisiting the way they manage their work. The three current phases in the field – Rough-in, Trim and Final – don’t account for one of the most important activities in any project – “Layout”.

In my conversation about low voltage endpoints with Travis McGee, a project manager at a large electrical company, we discussed how the traditional approach to low voltage prewiring included boxes, brackets, and/or mud rings. These products can be imprecise and may not consider changes in the industry where projects now include more, and smaller low-voltage devices, further, device models can change between the prewire and device installation, all of which demands a new approach to the problem.

The New “Layout” phase, as we see it, is an expansion of what electricians have traditionally referred to as “Boxout”, where the boxes for switches, light fixtures, and electrical outlets are mounted before any wire or conduit is pulled. Today’s technology requires a lot of low voltage, usually category wire, coax, or control wires. Contractors often think these wires don’t have a precise endpoint, but they should. The industry is moving beyond simply painting location outlines on the floor. Many devices do not have traditional backboxes and aren’t even cut in until trim or later; long after sheetrock and flooring are done. Further, for the Builder, Client, Project Manager and Architect, seeing the exact location in the wall or ceiling makes it easier to sign off on the layout, and prevents potential issues before they occur. The best part of this new Layout phase is that it allows everyone involved to visualize the technology endpoints for balance and symmetry, avoiding the time and cost of moving wiring locations later.

Xspot, how technology is found.

New Xtreme Locator tool
New Tech Pack

How technology is found.

Xspot Products introduces a new Tech Pack which is a great way to equip your Technician(s) with the tools they need to make your Lay-out, Rough-in and Trim-out phases go smoothly from start to Finish and can be re-used.

There are benefits for everyone on an Xspot job;

  • Home Owner have options without holes,

  • Builders avoid costly repairs at Trim,

  • Architects identify their preferred location,

  • Contractors gain efficiency and quality control. 


The Tech Pack comes with (10) Xspot wire location re-usable devices, (30) feet of Xstrap for mounting and a pair of the Locator tools,our New Xtreme with a 70lb pull which scans over the wall and the Xcentric to center within a 1/4 inch of your buried Xspot location.

Xspot Tech Pack intro price of $179

save even more when you buy as a Dealer


Free Xtreme Locator Tool Set
for existing Xspot Dealers with a $500 order


FREE Visio / CAD Prewire Shapes

Communicating device location to your Team, your Builder and your Architect can be tricky when you haven't finalized on the details and that's when the Xspot prewire shape comes in handy.  Use our Xspot prewire shape to denote the exact location on your Visio or CAD drawings, after that, the Xspot wire location system will insure the job gets done right!
btw; we also have a new one for

FREE Pre/Post Construction Labels

We provide our Dealers with free labels and templates which help your Team and other Trades understand;

  • Layout phase: defines the locations for Speakers, LED Lighting, Thermostats, Door Bells, Cameras, Keypads, Flat Panel TV's, Security, Wireless Access Points, and more

  • Pre-construction: notifies Sheetrockers to cover the Xspot in English and Spanish

  • Move-In: informs Homeowners and Businesses that they have been Wired with Xspot and provides a place for Your contact information

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