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Why Power Design was awarded Dealer of the Year


Xspot selected Power Design Inc. as our Commercial Dealer of the Year for several reasons, the tipping point was their innovative use of Xspot in the Aston Martin Residences in Miami, FL.

Fitting all that technology into Hi-rise luxury condos presents obvious challenges, starting with where to put it.  While prewiring for motorized blinds they found there were two options for mounting an in-wall junction box, in the hallway or in the guest bath.  Instead of making that decision for the future homeowner, they left them options by placing an Xspot in the center of the wall at a standard height, ingenious.  This gave the homeowners a choice of which side of the wall and at what height.  The simplest choice would have been to place the junction box low on the wall, but instead they left all options on the table and thought some clients might want it higher so they could cover the future junction box with art or place it low on wall exposed. We had never seen this done before, but it made perfect sense, let the client choose.  

Power Design is a leader in the commercial market, applying experience and innovation at every turn.  After using Xspot in one of the top executive's new home, they rolled it out into multiple projects such as the Estates at Acqualina, The Aston Martin Residences and Biltmore properties.

Large commercial dealers have the bandwidth to do cost analysis on everything they use and ultimately pick "Best in Show".  Based on our internal Xspot ROI, we see dealers saving hundreds of dollars on small units and far more on larger units.  All these savings turn into increased profit,  while providing them with multiple system options and more sales opportunities when a unit is purchased and the Power Design team is engaged.


Xspot holding position for a future blinds junction box


Buy a unit, select the Aston Martin of your choice


View from above


Pool is on the 54th floor


Building has a most unusual design


Level of design and detail matches the namesake luxury automobile in the work performed by Power Design

The Building going up

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What makes Power Design standout

Power Design’s integrated approach to design and construction is what sets us apart. As a full-service, design-build MEP Contractor and Systems Integrator, we’re disruptors in the construction industry while grounded in our core values; supporting work-life balance and a unique culture for our staff over the last 31 years. Power Design’s commitment to innovation and creating exceptional experiences spans as wide as our coast-to-coast presence and 40-acre national campus. Navigating waves of change is what we’re all about, so even during challenging times our award-winning technology, dedication to training, holistic outlook and unparalleled leadership are what make us built to last. To learn more visit

This Year's Xspot Commercial and Residential Dealers of the year are both Crestron Platinum Elite Dealers, the best Crestron has to offer, it shows in their Designs and Work

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