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The Wiring Standard for Any Technology

Xspot offers multiple wire endpoints and mounting solutions to keep your wires secure at your precise location. Xspot locator tools bring you to within a 1/4" of your endpoint.  Xspot greatly reduces your Trim time and offers multiple wire grommets to enhance your fit and finish. Xspot sets the standard your customers, builders, and architects appreciate and expect.

Significantly Reduce Trim Time
  • Save 15-30 minutes per location.

  • Avoids damage looking for lost wires.

  • Eliminate the need for ugly, blank face plates.

A Solution for All Construction Phases
  • Sales - Create a wiring plan to meet your customers needs today with the ability for expansion.

  • Design - Use Xspot CAD shapes to identify wire endpoints.

  • Layout - Get customer approval before you pull wires.

  • Rough-in - Cover / bury the endpoints without concern.

  • Trim - Quickly and precisely locate wires.

Devices for Every Technology Category
  • Multiple endpoint devices including the Alpha, Profile, and Groove.

  • Works with Motorized blinds, LED lighting, Cameras, Speakers, Keypads, Video, Security, and more.

  • If it has a wire, you need Xspot!

Innovation is What We Do

Alpha, the original Xspot wire endpoint device, was invented to both increase quality and efficiency and eliminate the frustrations that Mark Sipe, Xspot's co-founder and inventor, experienced as a Systems Integrator. Today, Xspot Products manufactures multiple endpoint devices, mounting options, locator tools, and accessories to help all of our customers work better, faster, and cleaner - saving time, money and aggravation.

Unique and Patented - Xspot products are simple to use. The hard work was the thought, expertise and attention to detail that went in to designing and manufacturing them.

Rapid Development Process - Xspot moves quickly from prototyping to production as we identify enhancements or new Xspot products to ease wiring pain points.

Motorized Blinds - This fast growing market segment presents unique wiring and installation challenges. The Xspot Groove, Cover Plates, Slack Boxes and Quantum represent the new industry standard way to wire for any brand of blind or shade.

LED Lighting - Many low voltage LED lighting fixtures require a precisely placed wire allowing it to be trimmed out and installed. Xspot endpoints, including the new Profile for extremely low profile installations, are designed for exactly this scenario.

Cameras - As cameras continue to improve and shrink (as most technology does), they are more difficult to trim out. The new Xspot Smooth and Edge brackets work in any surface, including siding, plaster and stucco, keeping the camera wire protected. Once the wire is located, use an Xspot Grommet or Trimport to finish the opening.

The Xspot Ecosystem

The Xspot ecosystem of Dealers, Builders, Architects, and Manufacturers share their experiences with us and each other, enabling Xspot to offer solutions for all endpoint wiring needs. We have formed three Xcentric groups to foster this partnership and collaboration.

Xcentric Dealer Council

Xcentric dealers are integral to Xspot's ability to innovate. Members receive access to prototypes for testing, advance product releases, promotional pricing, and earn Xpoints for product feedback.

Xcentric Manufacturers

Our manufacturing partners place a high value on ensuring that their products are installed accurately and easily using Xspot. We work with each manufacturer to create customized Xpacks and instructional materials.

Xcentric Manufacturer Reps

Xspot Reps understand the entire project and sales opportunity, maximizing the ability their dealers to provide the best wiring infrastructure for their customers budget while anticipating future expansion.

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