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 Xspot, how technology is found.

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Xspot Products
prewires profitable!

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Xspot Products wire location system solves the problem of finding low voltage wires after the wall board has gone up that often cause wasted time, repair costs and lost wires. 

Xspot uses powerful magnets to mark and find low voltage technology.  Buried Xspots are located at Trim within minutes, accurate to 1/4 inch through a 1 inch hole and can be reused.


Xspot, how technology is found.

Xspot provides new homes with the wiring infrastructure they need.

New home owners need a robust wiring infrastructure they can count on for years to come.  Xspot allows you to bury your wires for what they'll use now or trim out later, quickly and easily right where you want them.

Xspot, how technology is found.

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Xspot is the perfect solution for the precision required by
Custom homes.

Wiring with Xspot allows contractors to place wires to their architect's precise location.  Download the free Xspot Visio or CAD shape to identify the exact location on your blue prints communicating to all where the wire will be buried.  There it will remain invisible until you're ready to Trim.

Xspot, how technology is found.

Xspot used for Commercial
projects where simple solutions are needed for complex systems.

Xspot's wire location system allows for complex technology to be buried and located to your exact locations.  This gives Builders and their Clients options for what technology they want that is ready for when they want it. 

Xspot, how technology is found.

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Become an Xspot Dealer,
work smarter, not harder.

Our Dealer program is as easy as our technology; contact us and we'll get you signed up within minutes!


Xspot, how technology is found.