CEPro lists Prewires in Top 5 Technology Trends 2017

Prewires are not new but the understanding of what new technology requires has changed. Consumers now expect their homes wiring to have better security, faster speed and a bigger bandwidth which has driven builders to provide robust prewires the article goes on to explain. This doesn't come as a complete surprise to Mark Sipe, Xspot inventor, who saw a 50% increase in sales in 2016.

Here's what CEPro's co-founder Julie Jacobson wrote on to say; Two things happened around 2008 that changed the way builders prewired for home. After years of embracing “structured wiring” for new homes, builders saw 1) the collapse of the economy and 2) the rise of wireless. They skipped the “expense” of generous prewires because the economy was bad and, well, who needed it when “everything was going wireless anyway”? That tune is changing, not necessarily because of the economic rebound but because we need wires more than ever. Applications such as 4K video and high-resolution audio demand direct connections for best results. For these applications, fiber inside the home could be a big factor in 2017. Even high-speed wireless in the home requires Ethernet for the most effective access points. At the same time, so many wireless signals in the home … and in the neighbors’ homes … and in the wider area … are wreaking havoc on unwired home networks. Read the full article on CEPro

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