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Xspot ProPack comes with Xspots, mounts and locator tools for (20) Pre-wire locations. Use Xspot to prewire for speakers, security, cameras, flat panels, thermostats, lighting and more. The Xspot Propack is a great way to handle a single project or the start of using Xspot on a regular basis.  Everything you need is included in this pack from Xspots to the Toolset and strap.


Xpack Pro includes:


  1. (20) Xspot-mini - re-usable wire device
  2. (4) Xbox - single gang mounting box
  3. (1) Xstrap - 18 meter roll
  4. (1) Locator Tool (set)
  5. (1) Xbooty bags - 10 qty

Pro Xpack

Excluding Sales Tax
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