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xspot shades

Xspot Products introduces a new tool to change how you wire for residential and commercial shades, blinds or drapes. 

Motorized Shades is one of the fastest growing market segments with Orion Integrated reporting that it is quickly developing into nearly half their business with Lutron.  And while there have been amazing strides in motorized shade technology, the current installation method, some in the industry would describe as barbaric.

Xspot gives you professional tools to be used in the Design phase, hardware to use during Rough-in to determine critical wire locations, hand tools at Trim and Finish to precisely find those locations. 

Xspot’s approach is simple and innovative; by placing the Xspot into the header, wall or ceiling at your exact location, the drywaller buries the wire eliminating hanging or painted wires.  At Trim, the Xspot is found to within ¼ inch and finished with a grommet creating a whole new standard in the installation of Motorized Shades.

Saving labor is always the best way to increase profit, through efficiencies.  Eliminate lost time to painted wires, misplaced wires or the worst case, cut wires.  See video

Xspot Shades no text copy.png

additional new products
and updates

  • New Tech Pack with (5) Xspot, Universal mounting strap and the Locator tools great way to start at intro special $99.00

  • New Mega Xtreme tool with 70 pounds of pull

  • New Single Gang Box Ring

  • New Camera exterior bracket allows use behind a thin coat of stucco or an inch of wood.

  • New Interior retro bracket allowing contractor to mud over a small hole in the sheetrock instead of opening the wall from stud to stud.

Xspot Applications 
if it needs wire, you need Xspot

Lutron lighting                 Lutron Shades                     voice Crestron keypads            Wireless Access Points                 Thermostats

Cameras                          Flat Panel TV’s                               Speakers

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